The final assignment is straightforward, but challenging. As a team, you will work together to compile your findings into a scientific report. Imagine you are scientists writing a paper to publish your results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Your report should have at least these sections:

For the report, you are expected to:

The report and associated code is expected to:

You are also expected to:

As a guideline, aim for at least 2500 words and about 6-8 figures/tables. This is not a hard criteria. We are flexible in these guidelines, since we want you to learn to work as a team and create a scientific product. You’ll be surprised how quickly the words, figures, and tables start adding up.

Your code should follow the coding style found on our resources page. We will comment on your code as you work toward the final assignment, so you should be aware of the coding style by the due date.

Grading rubric

Inadequate (0 marks) Adequate (4 marks) Excellent (8 marks)
Contribution to group work and self-assessment Student contributed little to project; self-assessed contributions are low in quality and/or quantity; self-assessment is not consistent with actual contribution. Student contributed adequately to project; made some significant contributions Student substantially contributed to project to ensure success; self-assessed contributions are crucial to project; self-assessment is consistent with actual contribution.
Weekly progress (measured in GitHub commits) Several weeks in which no contributions are made to project Adequate progress on project is made in most weeks Significant progress is made every week
Content Missing crucial information; methods and results are inconsistent, not logical, or not adequately explained; conclusions are confusing or unsupported by results; unnecessary information included as clutter Most essential information included; methods and results are adequately described; conclusions supported by results; most included material is relevant to report All essential information included; methods and results are succinct, clear, logical, and scientifically valid; conclusions are creative and meaningful; project is concise throughout
Style and reproducibility Code and writing are poorly organized, poorly formatted, missing units, difficult to read, poorly documented, difficult to reproduce analyses Code and writing are well-organized, well-formatted, consistent use of units and significant figures Code and writing are precise and clear throughout, free of errors, well-organized, well-documented, easily reproducible analyses, publication-ready

As the final project is a team effort, all members within a group will receive the same mark. A final project that is considered to lie between two of the defined levels will be marked accordingly, e.g. between “Adequate” and “Excellent” would be 5, 6, or 7 marks.

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