Interactive Plotting with Shiny Apps


Shiny is an R package to make interactive web applications for exploring your data.

For this lesson, please install shiny, tidyverse, gapminder, shinydashboard:

install.packages(c("shiny", "tidyverse", "gapminder", "shinydashboard"))

You should be able to open the provided app.R in RStudio and tell it to start the application using the “Run App” button. See the video stream for a graphical explanation of this procedure.

You may also run the application from the command-line:

# Use the path to the directory containing app.R (do not include app.R below):
$ R -e "shiny::runApp('/path/to/app.R')"


Our Shiny app will have a layout that will look approximately like this:

Dashboard layout

There will be three different “views” with different plots and options to change how they look:

Tab 1 layout

Tab 2 layout

Tab 3 layout