Intro to Python


This is a very basic introduction to the Python programming language, based largely off of the tutorials in the Beginners’ Guide to Python, in particular the Learn Python Tutorials.

Only the command line and a basic text editor are required, but quite a few integrated development environments exist, however, including IDLE and PyCharm. Madeleine recommends WingIDE101.

Lesson Overview:

Python implementations generally interpret code (though compilers also exist). The interpreter that comes with python is accessible by typing


into the command line (or clicking the executable on your GUI). To run scripts and programs, we can instead type


IPython is an improved interactive console that’s both easier to use and supports additional functionality. To run IPython, type


To run scripts and programs within ipython, type within IPython


The lesson covers:

The official Python documentation site goes into much more detail regarding all topics covered in this code-along. Python is supported by a very, very extensive breadth of packages, a list can be found here Like with git, please check out StackOverflow for any question on it.