Introduction to Databases and SQL



The following Jupyter notebooks contain a R and Python examples:

These can be run locally:

make r-notebook
make python-notebook


To follow along with the lesson, you will need a several R and Python libraries. If you don’t have R, Python, and sqlite3, see Basic System Requirements. For Python, consider creating a virtualenv for your workspace.

Now you are ready to install the required R and Python libraries. Inspect and run the following files:

pip install -r requirements/requirements.txt
R --no-save < requirements/requirements.R

You can also automatically install requirements on Mac and Linux:

make requirements

Basic System Requirements

This lesson makes use of the following:


MacOS already has Python and probably sqlite3 as well. You need R.

brew install R


You need R. Try apt, yum, or whatever:

apt-get install r-base
yum install R

You may need to install sqlite3. You can test by running:

which sqlite3

If it returns nothing, then it is not currently installed. Try apt, yum, or whatever:

apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
yum install sqlite sqlite-devel


You need Python, R, sqlite3, and maybe other things like a C compiler. These links will get you started: