To submit this assignment, upload the full document on blackboard, including the original questions, your code, and the output. Submit both your .Rmd source file and a knitted .html version of the same file.

  1. Recreate a customized plot using what you’ve learned (3.5 marks).

    We will use the CO2 dataset studying the cold tolerance on the grass species Echinochloa crus-galli.

# Load the CO2 dataset in base R (there is also a co2 dataset, be careful with capitalization)
CO2 <- datasets::CO2
Recreate the plot below using the following specified parameters:

- colors: grey & orange (*Hint:* Use `scale_color_manual`. Check the help docs)
- point size: 3
- point alpha: 0.6
- theme: theme_light
- smoothing method: 'loess' (default)
- smoothing function alpha: 0.2
Figure for question 1

Figure for question 1

  1. Create your own custom ggplot2 theme for your team. You’ll use this theme when making all of your graphs for your final report. Work with your team, using the code below as the base, to decide how you want all your graphs to look like. What we exactly expect as an answer isn’t specific, but we do expect you and your team to try to make an effort at making your own custom and visually appealling theme. See the links below for help and documentation on changing all aspects of your graph theme. Paste the code in this question. (4 marks)
# Sample data and plot to use to create your theme
p <- ggplot(iris, aes(x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width, color = cut(Petal.Length, 3))) +
    geom_point() +
    facet_grid( ~ Species)

team_theme <- function() {
    # Make all your edits here for the theme.
    # The code below is an example, change them when creating your theme
    theme(axis.line = element_line(color = "red"),
          text = element_text(size = 8),
          legend.text = element_text(size = 12, family = "serif")) # this is an example
p + team_theme()

  1. Once you’ve created the custom theme, decide on a team member that will save this theme to their fork of your team’s GitHub account. Create a new file in the R/ folder called graph_theme.R. Paste the team_theme function code into this file. Commit this file and submit a PR of this change to the main team repo. (0.5 marks)

    • URL of pull request:

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